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Snow:Cycle Bib1.0

Modular, All-weather, Hike to Bike to Slope
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Estimated ship date: January 15, 2024
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Estimated ship date: January 15, 2024

One pair of pants, infinite possibilities, activities and proclivities. This limited edition modular Bib will take you from the slopes to your bicycle to your next hike.

Developed in collaboration with Jonathan & Fletcher, wizards of elite high performance snow gear, this is our most modular garment yet: the top bib and internal snow gaiters can be zipped off. Made from deadstock Japanese softshell 3-layer equipped with Dermizax™ technology, it is fully seam-taped water- and windproof and moisture wicking.

Because we make these to order, we can tailor them to your preferred leg length - after you order, we'll get in touch to confirm which length you'd like.

Key features

  • Fleece-lined bib panel can be zipped off when nature calls, so the bib hangs around your neck rather than on the bathroom floor
  • Zipped pockets for key and phone storage on bib panel as well as zipped back pocket
  • Magnets on the bottom of the leg to snap away excess fabric when cycling
  • Two-way zips on the side of the leg for ventilation
  • Adjustable waist

2 pockets | 4 zips

All garments come with a lifetime guarantee.


  • Waterproof, windproof, moisture wicking and breathable
  • Dermizax™ technology with a water-column rating of 20000mm
  • Stretch 3-layer
  • Jersey backed
  • Fully seam-taped
  • Recco® technology
  • Quiet material for increased focus



  • Machine wash gentle 30 degrees
  • Remove all external accessories (badge) before washing
  • Contains magnets

You can either buy the Bib on its own or bundle it with the Shell and save $/£/€99.

How it works
We only produce this item if we receive enough orders by 28 February. If we don't hit the minimum by this date, you will receive a full refund. Once we have enough orders, we will kick off production, and we'll keep you updated on progress throughout. Once production kicks off, you will no longer be able to cancel your order.

Why made to order?
We are committed to minimising our impact on the environment. The fashion industry produces over 100 billion items every year, nearly 14 items per human on the planet. Many of these never even reach consumers as overproduction runs at 30-40% each season and 1 million tonnes of retailer overstock is liquidated into landfill each year. Making garments to order means we only produce what we know we can sell, which means none of these beautiful garments will end up in landfill.

Read more about our made to order journey and the capsule here.