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For All Eventualities

7/13 1:07:59 UTC
Early Majority makes outdoor clothing for all eventualities. Our membership model reflects our commitment to systemic change and reduces environmental impact. Our community is based on sharing Tools for Leaning Out— resources and support for living a life fueled by art, adventure, and activism. Members have a voice in shaping our path as a company, which includes extending the life of your gear through circularity.

We’re done with the wasteful cycles of endless product dumps and hyper-specialized gear.

What we need is high-performance, versatility, and gender equality in a category that has traditionally left out women’s perspectives.


Art is transcendent and transgressive. It breaks free of societal norms and directly opposes the aestheticization of our lives. We collaborate with artists who feed our minds and fuel our creativity, illuminating the possible.


Our gear makes you feel protected and reduces the intimidation of the outdoors. It supports a balanced life, allowing for fluid movement between active, professional, and social pursuits. We share tools and resources for leaning out, building community through shared experience and inclusion.


We use our platforms to increase the visibility of non-patriarchal values and express solidarity with grassroots activists fighting for gender equality. By sharing material resources, we encourage, support, and enact social change.

Layering System

Our layering system combines technical and streetwear elements for maximum flexibility, style, and multifunctionality.


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Breaking cycles of endless proliferation with ethical manufacturing and resilient textiles, both reused and reimagined.

So we’ve built a kit that helps us integrate our practices instead of fragmenting them into specialized costumes. We want to ride our bikes to work and then to a bar and then to an art opening and not have to change clothes.

Our brand originates in having witnessed exclusion firsthand in both the outdoor and streetwear industries. Yet even as businesses reflect power dynamics in the wider world, so too can they become sites for resistance. Building a new brand is an exercise in world-building, and we intend to build a world that embraces and supports all who’ve felt the sting of marginalization.

No one should feel like an outsider outside.