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Closing The Loop

7/13 11:06:42 UTC

All of our products come with a lifetime guarantee. The most sustainable garment is the one that’s never made. Each trade-in helps us make less by keeping our garments in circulation as long as possible. When you return your pieces to us, we clean, refurbish, repair, and resell them to prolong their lifecycle and avoid the waste of making new things.

Contact Us
  • Email recommerce@earlymajority.com to get started
  • We’ll send you a return label, and once we receive the garment, we’ll rate its condition and determine a fair resell price
  • You'll receive site credit based on the value of the item and the cost of retrieving, cleaning and repackaging it
How can I purchase refurbished gear?

We’re just getting started! Your new Early Majority pieces will last you a long time, but we’re planting the seeds of circularity now as part of our commitment to sustainability over virtue signaling. Over time, our Circularity marketplace will be the exclusive destination for Early Majority resale, offering you the best terms on returns, resale incentives, and member benefits accessible via the QR code on your garment.

Become a member and be the first to get access when our Circularity marketplace opens.