7/12 8:12:55 UTC
Introducing Your Digital Member Badge Art

Our member badge tokens bind us together in community and our shared commitment to lean out. Optical distortions of the Early Majority logo honor the experience of expanded consciousness in and through nature. 

The background color of our limited edition ‘Eternal’ badges evokes both dawn and dusk, and each contains five unique watermarks of iconic muses in balaclavas. We worked with AI to create these watermarks as a declaration of our optimism and belief that  technology can support our connection and inspiration rather than consume it.

As they have for millennia, these Muses personify inspiration for poetry, astrology, music, history and movement, and their balaclavas symbolize the rebellion, independence and wildness that drives us.

Eternal badge token

Our Lifetime Member badges strip the artwork down to its kaleidoscopic essence.  In these badges, the logo distorts based on the logic of its respective knot.  These knots not only evoke adventures in nature, but honor human’s earliest technologies: ropes, bags and baskets.   

Some tokens are black against white — the primary language of digital art — while others are white against black — evoking the physicality of the printed page.  This distinction honors our intention to bridge the physical and digital worlds, currently separated by an immense chasm.

Lifetime badge token