How I Lean Out: Unowned Spaces

December 21, 2021 Issue No. 31

5/20 2:44:39 UTC
Tell us about you! Where you live, what you do, etc.

South Australian ex-corporate law, now full-time global creative mercenary for hire and consultant. Unownedspaces (“UoS”) started as a passion project to find interesting conversations with creative idols; now it encompasses great friendships and projects as well. UoS provides creative companies and brands with direction through organic visuals, ideas, and brand future-proofing.

How do you lean out, stay active, get out and explore nature?

I lean out by being around like-minded, creative people, and enjoying the company of friends, conversation, and food. Only way to make it better is after a long hike or drive to somewhere overgrown with trees or by the coast.

What are your tools for leaning out?

My tools to lean out come first from mindset, and secondly from physical gear. I find an intention for the day and set out to achieve it. If I’ve felt cooped up in my office in front of a screen for too long, I’ll seek to disengage from tech — walk or run, work out, physical exertion. If I’m feeling drained from meetings or calls, it’s great to talk to people about whatever, just let things flow and enjoy a laugh. Weather-appropriate gear always helps with this; comfort wherever you’re going is essential at this point in life.

Tell us about your gear: What do you tend to bring and wear?

My wardrobe is as much a curation practice as UoS is. It's reduced to long-lasting essentials as a practice of anti-consumption. Not groundbreaking thinking, but you'd be surprised how much we over consume by chasing the next cool thing. I have one shell, an Arc'teryx Beta AR, a couple pairs of versatile hiking trousers, base-layer woollens for breathability on cooler days, an And Wander High Loft Fleece jacket and Top Fleece jacket, and a pair of Hoka One One Tor Ultra Hi waterproof boots that I'm intent on wearing into the ground. I'm never without my X-Pro1 or iPhone 12 for photos or AirPods listening to our @unownedspaces community playlists.

Do you have a bug out bag and if so, what's in it?

We're Osprey fanatics over here. A bug out bag would be either my 10-year-old Stratos 34 or Manta 24 depending on lightness. Inside you'd find my camera, solar charger, a good book (I'm reading The Beauty of Everyday Things by Soetsu Yanagi currently), a journal, and some Crocs (best comfort shoe always).

What are some of your favorite places to lean out?

Hiking in Hong Kong, Yosemite, and New Zealand are experiences I'll never forget and miss dearly. I need to get back to New Zealand or Tasmania next. The Three Capes Track or Overland Track are next.

What do you do to stay safe so you can really relax in nature?

I bring a lot of water and make sure I'm as well prepared for as many weather eventualities as possible. Bring a pocket knife, know how to measure how much sunlight is left in the day, and tell people where you're going and how long you'll be gone.