It’s Always Winter Somewhere

August 24, 2023

7/12 3:16:06 UTC

Already in the middle of summer, you may have— like us—begun getting marketed to by brands launching their Fall-Winter lines. We have the ever-escalating calendar of the apparel business to thank for that, as well as for phenomena like summer dresses arriving in January and the bizarre trend of “seasonless dressing” with its toe-less boots and sleeveless coats. Chronicling the collapse of the fashion industry, the NYT noted, “When you’re delivering fall in July, it’s really not about the weather anymore.”

For us, it’s always about the weather because we seek to live in harmony with nature. So rather than play along with the prevailing paradigm, we went swimming instead. But only after sending a Puffer to our friend Barbara in Bali with a simple request: show us what it looks like actually to wear a Puffer in the middle of the summer.

Naturally, they took advantage of the Puffer’s modularity, with the zip-off skirt and removable hood functioning exceptionally well in this context. So, if you’re one of those people who likes to get ready early, we’re offering a special deal. Everyone can shop the Puffer at member prices for the next 2 weeks until we launch our Fall-Winter line.

Model: Barbara Pleaser | Photography: Ribka Pattinama-Coleman

Makeup & Styling: Barbara Pleaser