Leaning Out in Porto

November 22, 2021 Issue No. 29

7/12 2:13:22 UTC
Nickesha Wills, Head Of Product Operations

We journeyed to Porto in August for our first visit to our manufacturing partner, but the city also provided the perfect backdrop for testing our first prototypes, whether it was the Leça Swimming Pool complex or just outside the city limits, where we found stunning waterfalls that only locals seemed to know about. 

Having worked in luxury fashion for more than a decade, I’ve done many excursions abroad to various suppliers and trade shows. I expected this trip to be similar: early mornings, late nights, and barely any time to sit and enjoy a meal. Thankfully, this was different. We took our time, not rushing from one place to another, and enjoyed each moment. 

We spent hours getting to know the inner workings of the factory and going through each garment in detail. Then we went on epic adventures to try them out — walking, kayaking, swimming, and of course cycling. En route to one location, we got stuck in a van driving through narrow streets, wedging ourselves in between scaffolding. It felt like a whole village of locals came out to help us get out and dismantle the scaffolding. But it was worth it. The scenery of the countryside surrounding Porto was breathtaking. The vibrancy of the surrounding colours on every edifice, the passion of the people — they energise your soul.

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