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November 18, 2022

4/13 9:52:31 UTC
More than Multi-level Malarkey

Does participation in Web3 mean you’re really just a get-rich-quick schemer? Or do you believe in the power of supportive community, working to solve common problems, and sharing ownership? Right now the answer could be either or both, so follow us into the light and discover like-minded communities exploring answers to incredibly important questions.    

Questions like, what if the ways in which we work together today could prefigure the change we want to see in the world tomorrow? How can we create a future in which the value we generate online belongs to people and not platforms? What if climate change turns out to be one big coordination problem, and we can discover new coordination mechanisms to stop it? 

Explore these questions and more by discovering the Web3 communities that inspire us through our Web3 badge drop.  

Each of the badges represents a Web3 community that inspires us so much that we invited them to hack our gear. Like our member badges, partner badges snap on to all of our garments and come with custom-made magnets. They can easily be removed or replaced depending on the mood or occasion. This platform for self-expression and allyship gives our partners a blank canvas to create visibility and become part of our own community. We hope you enjoy learning about and ultimately repping them as much as we have!  

We’ll launch a badge each week on our social channels, so if you aren't following us yet, you can do so by clicking on any (or all!) of these links: Instagram | Twitter | Discord.

If you’re new to Web3, you can read all about it in our Tools For Leaning out article Why Web3. If you’re a Web3 native, you’ll want to read about our Journey to Composable Clothing here