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thEM x Diana Rowe Badge

Falling Forward
Estimated ship date: July 11, 2022
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Estimated ship date: July 11, 2022

"The question of our time isn’t How can I be a better person?, or How can we be a better group?, but quite simply, How do we move toward community? My inspiration for the badge was the closeness of community — whether it's the artists all around me or the people that offer me support. It's about having a support system and people you hold close to you." - Diana Carla Rowe

Spot clean only (do not dry clean!)
Do not iron
Contains magnets

Diana Carla Rowe is a black queer contemporary artist working out of her studio in Brooklyn. Rowe describes her work as surrealist automatism; embodying a reflection of black expression, and often telling a story using abstractions of the people around her. There is a repetitive nature that carries through Rowe’s work representing a kind of ever changing self-portrait.


Sometimes you want to be easy to spot, other times more elusive. Designing for this reality is another part of our all eventualities ethos. Our badges snap onto our garments with custom-made magnets. They give our allies a blank canvas to hack our gear, creating visibility and becoming part of our community.

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