thEM x Zakee Trucker Back Panel

Removable Magnetic Backpatch
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A love letter to Mother Earth and Father Sky, the Sunburst Mudra is also an invitation to breathe, still the mind, and experience the life force that pulsates through and connects us to each other and to nature.

Specialist dry clean only. Colour may transfer onto lighter fabrics and other surfaces.
Avoid contact with light-coloured surfaces, including upholstery.

Contains magnets.

Zakee Shariff’s studio launched in 1998. Her fine art and textiles are inspired by her spirituality, Asian/Indian/African background, and by London street culture.  Healing through connection is at the core of her work, from her eponymous streetwear brand and to her limited edition, made-to-order collections. 


Sometimes you want to be easy to spot, other times more elusive. Designing for this reality is another part of our all eventualities ethos. Our badges snap onto our garments with custom-made magnets. They give our allies a blank canvas to hack our gear, creating visibility and becoming part of our community.

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