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thEM x Feminist Bird Club Badge

"FBC Patch Bird Logo" by Aidan Koch
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"Our logo was kindly illustrated by Aidan Koch, an incredible, animal-loving artist who founded the Institute for Interspecies Art and Relations.

Each letter includes a bird species that has been on one of our yearly fundraising patches. The F has two Painted buntings, the B is a Black skimmer soaring towards the shoreline, and the C has a Snowy owl sitting on it."


Spot clean only (do not dry clean!) Do not iron. Contains magnets.

The Feminist Bird Club was founded by Molly Adams in 2016 as a way to leverage both their passion for birds and their passion for social justice into a cohesive whole. Since then, the Feminist Bird Club has expanded to chapters across North America and in the Netherlands.

"Our goal is two-fold: Make birding and the outdoors inclusive and affirming to people who may not have safe access to it, and leverage people’s passion for the environment and social justice to help create lasting social change. More simply put: There is no reason why we can’t celebrate birds and support our most cherished beliefs in equity and justice at the same time. For us, it’s not either/or. "

Proceeds from this badge go to Feminist Bird Club.

"Traditionally, we ask different artists each year to illustrate a selected bird species for a patch. All sales from each year’s patch goes to a different social justice organization whose mission we support. For example, we have raised funds for the National Network of Abortion Funds, Native Wellness Institute, Make the Road NY, and this year’s funds will go to Honor the Earth.

That being said, we are honored that this badge will help raise funds for our own mission."