thEM x Louis Hollinson Badge

"Internal Research"
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"The concept came from a doodle I had done in one of my sketchbooks. I wanted to reference how mushrooms can be used to research your internal ‘self’. You can dive deep into yourself to understand who you are, what you value etc. Ultimately providing clarity on the best way to approach life.

Taking inspiration from 90s rave posters made sense to me as they adopt a dreamscape or psychedelic design, the mushrooms themselves represent the liberty cap. To convey the depth aspect in the badge the mushrooms float in the foreground and shrink into the background." - Louis Hollinson.


Spot clean only (do not dry clean!) Do not iron. Contains magnets.

Louis is a Devon based creative combining his passion for nature and fashion. Documenting his outdoor experiences and preferences of clothing/ gear on @l.holl has birthed a community which encourages exploration of nature, and how it can benefit our individual mental states.

Using fashion as a catalyst to attract more people to nature brings a lot of like-minded people together both online and in the real world.

Proceeds from this badge go to Papyrus UK

The pressures of modern life on young people are extreme. Over 200 school children are lost to suicide every year in the UK. Each of these cases has its own ongoing, devastating story behind them. Papyrus provides confidential support and advice to young people who are struggling and those who are worried about someone.

How I Lean Out: Louis Hollinson

Tell us about you!

I live in Devon, UK. It’s a beautiful part of the world and a large contributing factor of why I do what I do. I get out onto Dartmoor most days if I can, it gives me at least an hour or so most days to reflect and gives me the headspace to think in a clearer way.

How do you lean out, stay active, get out and explore nature?

Usually, I just go for a short hike. Sometimes if the weather is nice I will swim in cold water. You never regret it afterwards and you feel physically fresh as well as mentally. The satisfaction when you show yourself you can do something uncomfortable and come out the other side is so valuable in day to day life.

What are your tools for leaning out?

An outfit which covers comfort, quality and function. Where moving around is easy, you are warm/ cool, and you can rely on your gear not to break. It enhances your outdoor experience making you feel lighter, more comfortable and also safer.

Tell us about your gear – what do you tend to bring/wear?

Preferably a cap, t-shirt, baggy trousers, a fleece and a packable shell. Anything I’m not wearing goes in my bag. Usually, I have an Osprey bag on me, and sometimes il have my swimming shorts, towel and maybe a hammock or chair.

Do you have a bug-out bag and if so, what’s in it?

I don’t have one, but I keep everything I may need for a camp or any outdoor activity in my car boot. This means I am always ready for a spontaneous trip, which are often the most enjoyable.

What is one of your most memorable adventures or favorite places to lean out?

The most impressive place I have been is probably the Alps, very memorable and mesmerizing. However, familiar places near to me is where I feel the most relaxed. If I know the beauty spot well enough, it just feels like home. That means I can truly unwind with no feelings of vulnerability.

What do you do to stay safe so you can really relax in nature?

I always assess my surroundings, being observant is often as interesting as it is useful in nature. The rest mainly comes down to the weather and the gear you have with you. Having those three bases covered means I can relax properly.

Who inspires you in the outdoors?