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thEM x Seana Gavin Badge

First Day of Spring
Estimated ship date: July 11, 2022
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Estimated ship date: July 11, 2022

"I wanted to celebrate the joys of nature, the abilities and visual variety of mushrooms, and the uplifting sensations of being surrounded by natural environments. One of my iconic ‘mushroom ladies’ waves a sunflower welcoming the arrival of Spring and its fresh feeling of positivity. Naturally, I wanted to make this a lenticular badge— so that the image on the badge would move— giving you the feeling of nature coming to life and flowers budding with hope and excitement for the months ahead." - Seana Gavin

Spot clean only (do not dry clean!)
Do not iron
Contains magnets

Seana Gavin is a London-based artist working primarily in the medium of collage. She overlays and conjoins distinct images drawn from vintage photographic material to create otherworldly scenes, transforming them into dreamlike environments where the past and future coexist. She is also known for her photographic work, documenting her time involved in the free party rave movement during the 1990s.


Sometimes you want to be easy to spot, other times more elusive. Designing for this reality is another part of our all eventualities ethos. Our badges snap onto our garments with custom-made magnets. They give our allies a blank canvas to hack our gear, creating visibility and becoming part of our community.

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