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thEM x Secret Yoga Club Badge

Estimated ship date: July 18, 2022
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Estimated ship date: July 18, 2022

I wanted to work with Jo Ratcliff to celebrate the incredible power of menstruating bodies. The badge design has 12 petals as a subtle nod to the cycle, and it takes inspiration from Hilma AF Klimt, a 19th Century artist and mystic.

I believe in a future where all people understand their bodies. Our monthly bleed is sacred, yet it’s misunderstood or even shamed in some cultures. Exploring our periods, bodies, and hormones bestows us with a deeper understanding of our emotions and an opportunity for more self-awareness, self-care, self-trust, and respect.


Spot clean only (do not dry clean!) Do not iron. Contains magnets

Gabrielle founded Secret Yoga Club in 2012 to gather curious and like-minded souls to explore new ways of experiencing themselves and the world around them.

Dubbed “The Yoga Guru” by British Vogue, she encourages a holistic and intuitive approach to being and loving by creating nurturing, kind and inspiring spaces for self-enquiry and evolution. She published her first book Secret Yoga Club with Octopus 2020.

SYC pioneered new approaches to yoga through immersive experiences that combine ancient technology with multidisciplinary practices. She’s credited with introducing full moon ceremonies, sound baths, and pussy gazing to the mainstream audiences that enjoy them today.

Proceeds from this badge go to Bloody Good Period

Bloody Good Period fights for menstrual equity and the rights of all people who bleed. They provide period products and education to people living in poverty or the asylum system, who cannot afford menstrual care.

Sadly, lack of access to sanitary products, hygiene or health is only one of the issues. Lack of funding for menstrual health and research leaves many suffering from painful gynecological conditions like fibroids, PMDD or endometriosis for years without appropriate care.

Bloody Good Period ensures people have access to the products they need to menstruate safely and continue their education or work. I think their advocacy work is key to creating a society with more equity for all humans.


Sometimes you want to be easy to spot, other times more elusive. Designing for this reality is another part of our all eventualities ethos. Our badges snap onto our garments with custom-made magnets. They give our allies a blank canvas to hack our gear, creating visibility and becoming part of our community.

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