Member Badge NFT Mint Details

August 18, 2022

7/12 6:58:06 UTC

We're evolving our membership vision by sharing ownership with our community.  You can read about why we’re doing this here. However, if you’ve been on this journey with us for a while you already know that our vision has always been to make products with and for our community, and we’ve been laser-focused on building a member-first brand community from day one.

For those of you that are new to the web3 world - there’s a reason why so many of us have become convinced that NFTs and other web3 tokens are the key to a new way of operating. In the past, when you’ve purchased a membership to a brand, store or club, it’s something that you simply buy access to. When you purchase a membership to your favorite streaming video service, oversized furniture store, or even your gym - you receive the ability to watch big-budget shows about tweens listening to Kate Bush and fighting demons, buy furniture for member pricing, or take some spin classes for a certain period of time.

With web3, you actually OWN your membership, and you also have the opportunity to help grow the value of your membership, community or brand while benefiting from it along the way. If you’re a member, of course you get benefits like access and discounted pricing, but as the community grows and attracts new fans, there’s an opportunity for your membership to become more valuable as well.

We believe so strongly in this model that we’re evolving the Early Majority membership community into a DAO (a Decentralized Autonomous Organization), which means that over time our members will actually shape the way our membership community works by proposing and voting on ideas for how we can make it better, supporting causes we all believe in, sponsoring new members who might not otherwise have the means to join, and even organizing IRL events together - all with funding supplied by Early Majority.

What is Early Majority Membership?

Those of you that have been around for a while will recognize most of what we’re offering at Early Majority with your Member Badge NFT. For those that are new to the crew here is the deal.

Our membership drop will deliver real world utility from day one: 

  • Early, guaranteed access to all future product drops
  • Exclusive product designed just for our members
  • Exclusive Member pricing for all products on
  • Access to our online journal - ‘Tools for Leaning Out’
  • Access to our private server to connect with like-minded trouble makers
  • An active voice in product creation

We’re also rewarding our founding members who mint an NFT with Early Majority gear:

  • 1 in 500 members will receive one of everything we make, forever
  • 1 in 100 members will receive an All Eventualities Mint Kit
  • 1 in 10 members will receive a piece of Early Majority apparel
  • All members will receive a physical member badge and limited edition Bum Bag (Bum bags will be made-to-order with the full process documented for our community in Discord - will take up to 16 weeks for delivery)

If you’re already an active Early Majority member, you’ll get your Member Badge NFT for free, and we’ll even give you the opportunity to buy a couple more at a discounted price. If you’ve paid for an Early Majority membership and aren’t into this web3 thing yet, we’ll hold yours for you, and give it to you when you’re ready.

Launch Details

Mint site:

Quantity: 2,500 Total Member Badge NFTs, limited to 3 per wallet

Date: Phased launch beginning September 7, 2022


  • Members: 0.3ETH + 1 Free Mint (must pay gas)
  • Allowlist Partners: 0.333ETH
  • Public: 0.358ETH

Note: ETH price may fluctuate based on USD equivalence as we near the mint date.

How will it work? 

Sometimes NFT mints happen very quickly, and the surge in demand can create wasteful and expensive “gas wars” for those trying to secure their spot. We’re going to approach it a bit differently, and stretch the process over a few days in a phased launch in order to ensure that everyone can do it at a convenient time for them. We’re also committed to always giving our early supporters the first opportunity to participate, and so you’ll see that our active members will have the opportunity to mint earlier than everyone else with some special perks.

Our mint will happen in 4 phases:

Phase 1: Member Paid Mint

  • We are committed to giving our members exclusive early access to everything we make, and our Member Badge NFT drop is no exception. All of our active members will have access to a Free NFT mint, but that will come during the last Phase. In Phase 1, we’re going to allow our active members to Mint two additional Member Badge NFTs at a discounted price, so you can hold a couple of extras or mint some for friends and family if you’re interested.

Phase 2: Allowlist Partner Mint

  • We’re collaborating with some great partners to launch our collection, and members of their communities will have early and discounted access to mint their Member Badge NFT ahead of the public. We’re even working with some communities on custom brand badge collaborations for minters from their crew. Stay tuned for more!

Phase 3: Public Mint

  • After our members and partners have their windows, we’ll open minting up to the public. Anyone will be able to mint the NFTs that are remaining, up to 3 per wallet.

Phase 4: Member Free Mint

  • After the public has had their window, we’re going to allow our members to mint their free Member Badge NFT. We’ll reserve one for every active member, and if you’re not yet prepared to jump into the web3 world, we’ll hold one for you in our treasury so you can claim it when you’re ready.


The first phase of our Member Badge NFT mint begins on September 7, and phase 4 will start on September 12.

Claiming Your Gear

After the minting period is over, we’ll begin the physical goods claim portion of the Member Badge NFT mint. Immediately after the mint closes, we’ll begin the process of making your Bum Bags. Why didn’t we make them in advance? Our goal at Early Majority is to minimize our footprint by only making what our members want, and we’re committed to building in public with our community. This process gives us the opportunity to document and share the entire process of making our products with our community, and we’re bringing you along for the ride in the #make-with-us channel in our Discord. 

On September 22, we’ll take a snapshot of all Member Badge NFT holders wallets, and begin Airdropping ERC-1155 tokens that represent your physical goods. Everyone will receive a Bum Bag + Physical Early Majority Member Badge token, and some will receive an apparel token, or an All Eventualities Mint Kit token.

In order to claim your physical item, you’ll go to our claim website and burn your airdropped token in exchange for a code to “purchase” your item for $0 through the Early Majority store.

Get Yourself Ready

Now that you have all of the details, it’s time to get ready for Mint Day. If you’ve been participating in the web3 ecosystem for a while, you know the ins and outs of minting or buying NFTs with a crypto wallet. If you’re new to the web3 world, check out our detailed guide on how to set up a wallet, how and where to purchase Ethereum, how to mint an NFT, and best practice recommendations to ensure your safety and security. We are so excited to take this journey together, and can’t wait to continue sharing with you along the way.

Is this sounding like gibberish? Drop us a message in our Discord and we’ll walk you through it all in plain English.