Gifts for All Eventualities – and Personalities

November 29, 2022

7/12 2:25:35 UTC

Merch for your favorite anarchists, nomads, triathletes, and more.

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The Windbreaker

Perfect for: The Nomad

That beloved friend who lets you crash at their apartment when you’re in town, because why not? They’re never there. They’re fly fishing in Montana, ice climbing in Rjukan, or surfing in New Zealand, or they joined the crew of a tuna fishing boat off the coast of Seville, or got added, last minute, to a culinary tour in Andalusia. Help them stay ready for anything with the ultimate packable windproof layer, our Windbreaker. Version 1.0 zips straight up and down; 2.0 has a slant zip to minimize bulk at the neck when layering. Both have the same soft texture, are made from noiseless ripstop fabric, and pack down to next to nothing. 

The Fleece

Perfect for: Your Boss, the Triathlete

The poor man. He’s never not training. He practices intermittent fasting, eats only sprouted greens and activated yeast, and since sometime in the 1990s, his carbohydrate intake has hovered around 1g per year. He’s obsessed with electrolyte levels and dopamine hacks. Bottom line, the  man is so optimized that he can never relax. You couldn’t give a guy like that a soft, cuddly, comforting fleece, UNLESS it was cleverly disguised as a high-performing midweight insulating layer with ventilating side zips and a stylish silhouette. Only then can he appreciate it without seeming to enjoy it!

The Silent Pocket®

Perfect for: The Low-Key Revolutionary

For that friend who’s always outfoxing the surveillance state. You know they turn up at protests, but they’ve never been photographed at one. They may have posted subversive content to WeChat from a burner phone – if so, they’ve gotten away with it. That friend who’s always one step ahead. Give the gift of portable, off-grid, on-demand anonymity: the Silent Pocket, our Faraday wallet accessory.  

The Cape

Perfect for: The Dog

Weather is of little concern for a good dog. Rain, snow, sleet or hail, it’s all the same to her. Humans, though, need a little coaxing when the weather is foul. This durable, practical, rain-shedding design keeps her human companion dry, and the hood’s visor keeps the rain out of human eyes when fishing for keys or fastening leashes. Now it’s always time for walkies.

The Bum Bag

Perfect for: Your Forgetful Friend 

Keys, wallet, phone, ID. They’ve left them all behind in taxicabs at one time or another. The Bum Bag is perfect for stashing indispensable items so they’re all in one place.  If your friend is the type to take forgetful to the next level, get them the Shell to go with it. The Bum Bag clips onto it with magnets, so they really can’t lose it.

The Black Lodges Badge

Perfect for: The Anarchist 

Anarchists are tough to shop for. You need something small, at a reasonable price point, and it absolutely must be truly steeped in considered disregard for institutional authority. This Steven Vogel-designed badge, reading “End the man-made world,” may not make your favorite anarchist smile, but it might earn a nod of austere endorsement.

The Lightweight Fleece

Perfect for: Your Friend Who’s Always Cold

One of these days, you are gonna drag this person to cold exposure therapy and change her life for the better. She’ll be able to sit through a wedding or an outdoor concert without shivering and turning blue. Our Lightweight Fleece is the perfect stopgap until you get that chance. And it’s almost elegant enough to wear to a wedding.

The Beanie

Perfect for: Your Cool Little Wannabe Skater Brother 

Without seeming like you’re trying too hard, delight your younger brother with this timeless, Parappa-the-Rapper inspired look. Bonus: The Beanie is a super-functional heat-trapping layer, and ours is made from responsibly-sourced Merino wool. In red and black. 

The Shell

Perfect for: The Anti-Social Teenager in Your Life

You were that teen once. “Headphones on” meant “Don’t talk to me.” Now it means “No talk me” and you get it. The Shell is a lightweight, durable waterproof layer, yes, but it also has that all-important face-obscuring hood so no one will ask them, “Why are you smiling at your phone?” Give them the relative anonymity they crave, just in time for those awkward holiday gatherings. 

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